Editorial Illustrations

Illustrations from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian 1984-2010
JRR Tolkien
Moonlight Cinema
Humpback mother and calf
Bush Tucker


Evelyn Waugh and George Orwell

Lorrie Moore

Mount Panorama


Tilting at the Tower of Babel
Fletcher Christian in the sights.

"March" by Geraldine Brooks.

An incident in early Sydney. One of 35 illustrations for the ABC TV documentary "Buried Alive" by Jack Egan, about the first five years of European settlement in Australia.

The quarantining of pets on moving countries. The Australian.
René Descartes, seminal French philosopher and mathematician.

"The Real Oliver Twist" by John Waller. Is Dicken's "Oliver Twist" based on the life of one Robert Blincoe.

Writing poetry. 

Walking the Dog society.

Monet (as a retired musketeer) painting at Belle-Ile, with curious puffin. 

Paranoia in Sth. Africa.

Paddling the Murray River. Book review.

Grevillea with Eastern Spinebill.

Pine shade, Bathurst

Laneway, Bathurst

Poets Seamus Heaney and Peter Porter

The red sail, leaving Dover

The pathos of indigenous dispossession in Australia. 
The Australian.

19th century London.

A silurian reef and carboniferous swamp. 
The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum.

The U.N.'s  dilemma over military intervention in sovereign states. 
The Australian.

Mark Kurlansky's "The Last Fish Tale", set in Gloucester, Massachusets.

The Australian economy can't depend on exporting its mineral resources forever.

A poem by Les Murray, "Coolongolook Timber Mill", the timber hauling barges on the Northern Rivers of NSW.


Louis Nowra .
 An 19th century entrepreneur towing an iceberg into Sydney harbour. 

Multicultural Australia.

Peoples choice winner at Museum of Australia "Behind the Lines" 2009.